Helping Your Organisation Create Female Leaders by Supporting Growth in Confidence & Communication Skills for your Female Talent

Mindset or practical skills; which one should come first?

So often organisations unintentionally overlook phenomenal candidates for the next step up, because many candidates lack the confidence to express an interest and put themselves forward.

It's common to assume future leaders know the path they want to go down, but getting that clarity and inner confidence is a journey in itself.

My mission is to help women feel empowered to co-create their career path by improving their confidence & communications skills to effectively articulate their value.

My corporate group coaching program helps specifically women who are keen to progress but would benefit from some support and coaching around confidence and communication skills. 


The three pillars of my program are Mindset, Confidence & Communication. I have seen huge transformations from my clients who had so much to say, but struggled to find the courage to speak up. Being able to self advocate has really unlocked that potential, and supported them on their journey to a senior leadership role.

Who's it for? My program is aimed towards early career - middle management level women, who may not benefit from a one-size-fits-all program geared towards Leadership & Management methodologies at this stage.

What results can I expect? Improved confidence and communication skills, more proactive development, improved staff retention, gender balance across the organisation, supporting promotion from within (to name a few)

How long is the program? My core program is 6 x weekly 90 minute sessions, but I also offer a condensed option over 2 days.

How can we be sure the program will fit our culture?


Prior to commencing the program, with your permission, I'd conduct a survey for the women within the organisation to get a sense of how their needs are met, and what would really help them to make progress. Ensuring I verify what common workplace challenges they've personally experienced throughout their journey (not just whilst working at the current organisation) ensures the content is relevant to the audience.

My corporate programs are unique in that I am happy to tailor these to include things such as:

  • Referencing company values

  • Focussing on areas where improvement is required e.g. Public Speaking, Stakeholder management, meeting etiquette etc

  • Aligning to company goals

Interested to know more?

Please reach out for a brochure, or alternatively I offer a free consultation to understand more about your people strategy and how I can support. Please get in touch to arrange!

Program Overview

Module 1: Mindset & Limiting Beliefs

Module 2: Building Confidence

Module 3: Communication Skills

Module 4: Personal Power

Module 5: Negotiation & Goal Setting

Module 6: Setting Boundaries

*Additional Modules can be added at your request to bring in line with your people development strategy*

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