Helping Your Organisation Create Female Leaders

- by Supporting Growth in Confidence & Communication Skills for your Female Talent

Do you want to cultivate more female leaders?  

Forward-thinking organisations are often frustrated with their struggle to create strong, diverse leadership because potential candidates lack the confidence & skillset to step up into the type of leader the company needs. 


​My mission is to help women feel empowered to become stronger leaders at work  by improving their confidence & ability  to effectively articulate their value.

The Goal

Helping professional women grow in confidence and communication skills so that they can articulate their desired career direction within your organisation.


Cultivating a pipeline of high potential female talent to accelerate gender diversity in leadership roles

The Milestones

Clarify their professional goals

Grow in Confidence to craft a strategic plan to actualise those goals

Leverage their strengths

Refine their verbal and non verbal communication skills

Take back their personal power

Learn how to deal with unwelcome behaviour

Identify workload bottlenecks so that they can work smarter

Feel comfortable setting boundaries

Take charge of their career advancement with a leadership mindset

Who's it for? My program is aimed towards early career - middle management level women, who may not benefit from a one-size-fits-all program geared towards Leadership & Management methodologies at this stage.

What results can I expect? Improved confidence and communication skills, more proactive development, improved staff retention, gender balance across the organisation, supporting promotion from within (to name a few)

How long is the program? 12 Weeks consisting of 6 x 90 Minute Live Coaching modules, 6 x recorded trainings and 6 x workbooks

How can we be sure the program will fit our culture?


Prior to commencing the program, I'd conduct a survey for the women within the organisation to get a sense of how their needs are met, and what would really help them to make progress. Ensuring I verify what common workplace challenges they've personally experienced throughout their journey (not just whilst working at the current organisation) ensures the content is relevant to the audience.

My corporate programs are unique in that I am happy to tailor these to include things such as:

  • Referencing company values

  • Focussing on areas where improvement is required e.g. Public Speaking, Stakeholder management, meeting etiquette etc

  • Aligning to company goals


Program Overview


Eloise Sochanik,
Head of CSR & EDI,

“It was a pleasure to work with Rachel, she is engaging and organised – everything ran really smoothly and the feedback from attendees was fantastic. She encouraged the women who attended the sessions to think about what confidence means to them and the additional work book was the perfect way to build on what was covered.”

Dawn Bannerman,
Chief Commercial Officer,
La Redoute UK

"Rachel was the perfect choice.

I love her modern thinking and fresh new approach to coaching.

She was super flexible in building the program to our needs and really taking time to understanding the drivers and barriers in our business. Highly recommended and looking forward to working together again in the future."

Kay Makin,
Head of People,
Integrated Service Solutions

"Rachel ran a women's confidence workshop for us which received excellent feedback from those who attended. Rachel is very knowledgeable, personable and has great rapport building skills."

Interested to know more?

Let's have a chat. In order to decide how I could best support you, I am always keen to learn more about your culture, your people, and your goals.

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