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Crafting your Morning Routine for Success!

Hello & welcome to this week's blog post!

Now, if you listened to last week's podcast (Episode 19) you'll have heard I had a wonderful guest interview with Nicole Dupuis, another coach who specialises in productivity. If you didn't catch the episode definitely go back and listen to it!

I know there can be times in our lives where we just really struggle for motivation to get sh*t done. One of the reasons productivity is so important for us, is that when we achieve things and get through our "to do" list, we feel fulfilled.

It's a wonderful feeling when we have exercised our discipline and fought against our ego to get through a section of work!


Conversely, though, if you go through a couple of days having NOT achieved anywhere near what you planned to it can have the opposite effect.

We can begin to apply labels to ourselves that just aren't true. For instance, I've called myself "lazy" and "wasteful" and started to believe I'll never get anything done. It's a downward spiral and breaking that pattern can be so challenging.

So, of course the best thing we can do to avoid this is to work on proactively being productive. One of the key tips that Nicole & I discussed in the podcast was having a morning routine.

I am a firm believer in how much power this gives you to tackle the day, and so wanted to run through my personal "recipe" for creating a morning routine. I find sticking to a routine as much as possible is very grounding and it sets you on a path of calling the shots for how your day pans out!

(One thing to mention here is that I flex my morning routines depending on what's going on. I think to feel maximum benefit, if possible, you should try and stick to a morning routine for at least a month.)

But typically, my routine will change as the seasons do. I definitely have more get up and go when the sun is streaming through my window in the morning, vs waking up in the pitch black! This is likely to be the same for you too, so keep an eye on when your routine is starting to serve you less and less - this is probably an indication to switch it up.

Anyway, I'm going to be sharing a "mix & match" menu for each of the 5 recipe categories that make up my routine options, so that you can give it a go to create your new morning routine!

Before I begin with my own mix & match menu, I'd like to say that there is a wonderful book by Hal Elrod called the Miracle Morning. I've been recommended this many times but quick caveat - I've not yet read it! If you want to get ahead of me and check it out, I'd love to hear what you think - DM me on Instagram!

In order to shape your morning routine, review the below 5 categories and pick at least 1 thing from each category depending on the available time you have. (Quick note, if at all possible, get up earlier to increase the time available...)

Category 1: Liquids

WATER. Lemon with hot water, Coffee, Green Juice, Tea

Category 2: Exercise

Run, bike ride, spinning class, swimming, youtube video class (some fantastic ones that are just 15 minutes)

Category 3: Taking a moment

Meditation, Visualisation, Planning your priorities, Writing a gratitude list

Category 4: Nutrition

Healthy breakfast even if it's a quick shake for ease. Planning ahead your lunch to avoid any last minute fast food dashes

Category 5: Education

Reading, podcast, audiobook, blog post, article

If you are not a morning person, this can seem like a lot of things to do. But remember, as long as you start off with just 1 thing from each category your time investment doesn't have to be significant. For example,

  • Glass of water

  • A 15 minute run,

  • 5 minutes on what you are grateful for today

  • Taking a healthy shake or smoothie on your commute

  • Listening to a podcast on your commute

Here all 5 categories have been met but there's only been an additional 20 - 25 minutes added to your routine

Remember, it's trial and error and so don't be disheartened if it doesn't quite work for you, you can swap out elements for whatever works for you.

Good luck and I'd love to hear how you get on!


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