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What even is coaching...?

As you may or may not know, I've been taking requests from podcast listeners about what you would like to hear about, and have discussed.

Please do keep these coming, don't be shy! I absolutely love hearing from you and just a reminder that if I do address your point on the podcast or this blog, it remains anonymous.

For those of you who may be new here - welcome! You'll probably be aware by now that I offer both corporate coaching, (so coaching within businesses - both group and individually) and 1:1 confidence coaching.

I recently had a message from a wonderful lady who wanted to know if coaching would be right for her, and she shared her unique career conundrum, thinking this may be answered best on the podcast.

I actually addressed this with her 1:1 on a free discovery call, but it got me thinking that some of you might wondering what coaching is, how it could help you, or perhaps just give you some reassurance about what is expected of you if you went ahead!!!

So, I thought it could be helpful to share a few points on my perspective and how I work as a confidence coach....

  1. Who do I work with? I generally work with ambitious women who are feeling stuck, under-appreciated, ready for the next step, in need of clarity, struggling with structure or craving change. So often what I see underpinning a lot of these challenges is a lack of confidence in some area or another. What we don't always realise is that the challenges we are experiencing link very closely to other areas of our lives, and have the potential to affect these too! Before our first coaching session, I give you a confidence assessment to help (both of us) understand which areas of life we feel good about and which we may need a boost in! Because of my interest in building confidence, I also love working with women who are just keen to understand more about themselves and grow in confidence, assertiveness and communication skills across all areas of life.

  2. What happens first? Prior to working together I always encourage a 20 minute free discovery call. This really helps you to ask all of the questions you want to, and also enables us to get a clear understanding of what great results would look like for you. Your progress is really important to me, and if we can't identify anything tangible that we are aiming towards in the early days, then it's likely that coaching might not deliver you fulfilling results. I will always be honest about my thoughts on this. What I'd say though is that if you don't know before the discovery call, this is very common! Coaching helps you get the clarity you need about what you really want. I will also put you at ease so there should be no nerves for session 1!

  3. Do we meet online or in person? Coaching sessions are always held on Zoom, and typically will be 60 minutes long. My packages are based on 60 minute sessions every other week, but I've had clients in the past who have preferred doing 1/2 an hour every week once we have built some momentum - this is something I am more than happy to consider if we both agree that's the best investment of the time

  4. What can I expect from a session? On your first session we'll expand on what success looks like to you, and I'll ask you questions to give us a better understanding of what is holding you back from going for it. A lot of the time we have limiting beliefs that have been hanging around for years in our minds, that stop us from revealing our true potential. Over the course of the sessions we'll unearth these and look at alternative perspectives that'll help you build on your confidence. At the end of each session we'll agree on some actions & tasks that you can do before the next session to gently stretch your comfort zone, but don't worry - you'll be deciding what you are happy to try. I'll share a summary of our sessions and some homework tasks for you to work on in between the sessions. This is really important as it ensures you are consistently making progress throughout our time working together.

  5. How can I keep the momentum up in between sessions? I don't always want you to just take my word for it - throughout our time together I'll be recommending books, podcasts and articles that really help to re-enforce the concepts we are learning about. I know that individuals process information in different ways. Some of you will be happy to trust spiritual perspectives, whereas for others to get on board they'll want to see evidence of where this has worked before, and often scientific explanations behind the benefits of such theories. I totally get it, which is why I make an effort to help you to digest the information in a way that works for you.

  6. What if I have any queries in between the sessions? Outside of the content recommendations & action plans I supply you with, I also include unlimited email support throughout our time together. For my typical packages this will either be 12 or 16 weeks, so we truly do go on the journey together!

Hopefully these points have given you a better understanding of how 1:1 coaching can help you.

Whilst I have been through my process and perspective during the coaching experience, it's really important to mention your part as the client.

It's absolutely crucial that you are committed to doing the work and making the progress, as ultimately you are responsible for your own results. Think of it like hiring a PT (Personal Trainer); they can stand and shout at you in the gym but ultimately they can't lift the weights for you - you need to do this to see the results.

If you're thinking about getting some support from a coach I would always recommend speaking to a couple of different coaches to ensure they align with your goals and that you feel a good energy from them.

Things that are also worth considering are: period of time you'd like support with. For example if you are starting a new job and want to utilise the sessions to make the best impact possible, you need to ensure the coach has capacity to support you throughout those all important 90 days. Consider your budget and whether what is included feels fair. Consider how relate-able you find that individual and ensure that you'd feel confident not to hold anything back in the session.

If you still have questions or would like to have a chat feel free to book in for a free discovery call on my site or DM me on Instagram :-)

Check out my testimonials and explore my pricing & package options!

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